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Implant Technology

Dental Implant Testimonial

Testimonial by James about his dental implant and the technology used.

3D Imaging

The i-CAT 3-D dental scan system is well in advance of any x-ray system. The i-CAT provides 3-D images of the teeth, jaw, sinuses and skull structure in 1/20th of a second with significantly less radiation than a medical CT scan.

The 3-D scans from the i-CAT provide anatomically accurate data and surgical predictability for:

  • Implant placement
  • Impactions
  • TMJ analysis
  • Airway assessments
  • Panoramics
  • Cephalometrics
  • Orthodontics
  • Orthognathic surgery

Anatomage 3D Software

Advanced 3D rendering software that aids with treatment diagnosis and planning. Anatomage Software allows images to transition easily between 2D and 3D xray images and digital renderings that are enhanced with extra features, allowing the doctor to fully plan surgeries and dental treatments.

DTX Studio Clinic

DTX Studio Clinic is software that displays all images and data from 2D to 3D X-ray imaging files and puts them into one place to be accessed and used in one diagnostic worflow.

Medit i500

Medit i500 is a digital, 3D intra-oral scanner that produces high resolution dental impressions of your teeth. This helps us with accuracy in mapping your mouth and diagnosing any oral issues.

Straumann Dental Implants

Straumann Dental Implants

The decision to replace missing teeth with dental implants is an excellent investment in your oral health and appearance. Dental implants are now the standard of care for missing teeth. Better than crown and bridge, they look, feel and function like natural teeth. They help prevent bone loss caused by a missing tooth root and do not require the adjacent teeth to be ground down.

Long-term research has shown that Straumann implants have a high success rate. Straumann values quality and reliability, and Straumann implants are backed by over 30 years of scientific evidence.

Nobel Biocare - Dental Implants

For more than thirty years, Nobel Biocare dental implants have been produced from chemically unchanged variants of commercially pure titanium. They are cold-worked for exceptional strength and durability, and all feature TiUnite, our proprietary surface that produces benefits in implant stability and bone formation.