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Post-Operative Instructions

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Pre-Surgery Instructions

Before any oral surgical procedure you should:

  • Eat a light and easily digestible meal the night before your appointment
  • If you are going to be sedated, DO NOT eat or drink anything on the day of your appointment
  • Wear short sleeves and loose-fitting clothing
  • Arrange for a relative or friend to stay in the office with you and be ready to drive you home
  • You may NOT drive a car on the day of the surgery if you are to be sedated!
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Post-Surgery Instructions

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CARE OF THE MOUTH: Proper oral hygiene is important to ensure an uncomplicated healing process. Do not aggressively rinse, forcibly spit or drink from a straw for the first 24 hours following surgery, so as not to disturb the forming clot. Beginning the evening of the surgery, use the prescribed mouth rinse 2 times per day, and also rinse gently with warm salt water 3-4 times per day. Continue your normal oral hygiene in all other areas, and attempt to gently brush the surgical site, if tolerable.

If a GINGIVAL GRAFT was placed, avoid any contact in the area for two weeks (including brushing), but use the mouth rinses as directed. Do not pull the lip or in any way disturb the healing site. Do not use a WaterPik or similar device in the surgical area for six weeks.

If a BONE GRAFT, IMPLANT or any other regenerative procedure was attempted, follow the same instructions as given for gingival grafts, but also soak the area with the prescribed mouth rinse using a cotton swab gently. Do not use a WaterPik or similar device in the surgical area for six weeks.

If an EXTRACTION was done, keep pressure with gauze over the site as directed for thirty minutes, changing the gauze periodically if soaked. Do not rinse for 24 hours, but begin oral rinses the day after surgery as directed. Do not drink from a straw for the first 24 hours following surgery. Do not use a WaterPik or similar device in the surgical area for six weeks.

MEDICATIONS: Expect to have some varying degrees of discomfort for several days after surgery. For mild-moderate pain, take over the counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, etc.). For more severe pain, use the medication prescribed as directed, taking care to avoid driving or operating machinery. Do not take drugs containing aspirin due to their negative influence on clotting unless part of a daily aspirin regimen prescribed by your physician. Take all other medication as usual. The Peridex rinse causes temporary staining to teeth please use as directed. Dr. Russo will let you know if you need to use it longer at your first Post-op visit.

SWELLING: Some swelling is normal, and may last a few days. To minimize swelling, as soon as possible, begin placing ice packs on the side of your face adjacent to the surgical site in 15 minute intervals (on/off) for the next 4-6 hours. Sleeping with your head elevated and taking Ibuprofen, even if you are not in pain will also help with swelling. If swelling continues more than a few days which is accompanied by increasing pain and fever, call the office.

BLEEDING: Some minor oozing of blood is expected. If more extensive bleeding occurs, apply pressure to the area with a moist gauze or a moist black tea bag for at least 15-30 minutes, repeating if necessary. If bleeding persists, call the office. Do not rinse it may increase bleeding.

BRUISING: If you experience bruising or swelling after the procedure we suggest Arnica. It is a herbal supplement that comes as a pill or topical. Use as directed. If bruise persists more than 2 days apply warm compresses.

ORAL HYGIENE: Do not floss for the next 4 weeks in the area of surgery, you can floss your other teeth. Brush gently in the area with the soft Nimbus toothbrush that is provided by the office. No Waterpik or electric toothbrush in the surgical site for at least 4 weeks or as directed by Dr. Russo.

EATING: A soft food diet will be advised for 1-2 weeks. Do not drink from a straw for the first 24 hours following surgery. Adequate nutrition is essential for normal healing. A high protein diet is most desirable (milk, eggs, cheese, meat). Adequate intake of fluids is important, especially the day of the surgery. Some citrus juices can be an irritant to the healing site, and alcohol is to be avoided during the first week, especially if medications are being taken. Eat semi-soft diet avoiding hard, sharp, or crunchy foods (nuts, popcorn, hard fruits and vegetables, etc.) Vitamin C (1,000mg) and Zinc (25-50mg) contribute to improve healing.

HOME CARE: If a surgical dressing was placed over the site it may become loosened after a few days. If the dressing dislodges, discard it. Do not worry, continue oral hygiene as directed.

NUMBNESS: For up to several hours after the surgery there may be some numbness of the lip, cheek and/or tongue. Avoid biting them, eating or drinking hot foods or smoking in order to prevent injury. Smoking irritates the oral tissues inhibiting healing, and therefore should be avoided during healing.

EXERCISING: We do not recommend any physical activity that will increase your heart rate for the first week following surgery.


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