Laser Treatment

Laser Therapy

When utilized appropriately, laser therapy can help reduce the need for periodontal surgery, reshape soft tissues to improve esthetics and hygiene, remove benign growths, and eliminate or relieve harmful tissue attachments that contribute to gingival recession, tooth malpositioning and aberrant oral/speech pathology . The key is to utilize laser therapy when indicated.

Unfortunately, in todays dental profession the use and benefits of dental lasers has been a source of many false claims and advertising driven by corporate commercialism and marketing.  There is often minimal to no actual credible research to back these claims.

Beware of claims to “Cure your Gum Disease with Lasers” and not refer to the properly trained Specialists in Periodontics.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Dr. Russo and Dr. Braga are Periodontal and Implant Specialists who have both the technical skill and knowledge to correctly diagnose and treat your periodontal and implant needs.  We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of education and technology, and to provide the best, predictable, and proven treatment available to our patients.

Laser Frenectomy:

Often performed in coordination with Orthodontic Therapy. Strong Frenums may negatively affect Tooth Movement or Gingival Recession.



Lingual Frenectomy “Tongue Tied”:

  • Patient was unable to protrude tongue beyond lips. 
  • Difficulty pronounciating certain words. 
  • -Laser provided instant relief  with minimal bleeding or pain.