Providing Education To Our Dental Community

Leaders in Dental Education: Staying at the Forefront of our Profession

The past decade has seen tremendous advancements in technology and science in the dental profession.  As leaders in their profession both Dr. Russo strive to maintain his position at the forefront of these advancements.  He accomplish this by being a lifelong student, active in university academia, dental education and comprehensive multidisciplinary dental study clubs with their colleagues. 

Dr’s Russo is proud to have the opportunity to lead four study clubs in the dental community.

  • Periodontal, Implant & Restorative Study Club
  • Spears Study Club
  • Beach Cities Dental Hygiene Study Club
  • Small Group Multidisciplinary Study Club

Dr. Russo is currently Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California Department of  Graduate Periodontics. also Immediate Past President of the Western Society of Periodontology.


USC Grad Periodontology Program Director Dr. Zadeh and Clinical Director Dr. Kar

Dr. Russo, President Western Society of Periodontology, with Dr. Kepic at the Annual WSP Educational Meeting 


Dr. Russo Presidential Ceremony:  accepting the Western Society of Periodontology Presidential Gavel from Past President Dr. Greenberg 

Periodontal, Implant & Restorative Study Club:

Dr. Russo is a Leader of the Periodontal, Implant & Restorative Study Club.   For 20 years as the largest and most established multi-disciplinary study club in our region,  we are dedicated to the advancement of team dental treatment planning and total patient management as the ultimate tool for achieving better comprehensive care for our patients.

Our members are made up of a select group of dentists from Beach Cites and the surrounding area who participate in hands-on demonstrations, problem-solving, panel discussions and clinical treatment planning sessions as well as inviting internationally known speakers to share information at our local meetings.

Beach Cities Dental Hygiene Study Club

As technology and science continue to advance, Dental Hygienists play an even greater role in the overall health management of their patients.  There is an abundance of evidence that supports a direct relationship between an individual’s oral health and general health.  Correlations between plaque and poor oral hygiene with Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and now Peri-Implantitis are confirmations of the important role dental hygienists play in our dental community.  The need for hygienists to focus on continuing education is essential.

Our Dental Hygiene Study Club was created to provide a vibrant learning environment that will further the careers of its members and advance the future of dental hygiene.  This will ultimately result in helping us serve our patients better.  In addition to providing an interactive way for members to learn, our meetings also allow members to meet fellow Dental Hygienists in the area, exchange ideas, review new products and discuss upcoming advances in their profession. 

If you are a Dental Hygienist interested in becoming a part of our Dental Hygiene Study Club and would like to be on our invitation list, please contact us at 714-842-2515 or via email at

Meeting 1:  Back To Basics

Evaluation, Diagnosis & Etiology of Periodontal Disease.  Current Classifications & What We Really Know About the Cause of Periodontitis

The Periodontal Exam:  Review of Terminology and the Records Needed for an Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
Making Sense out of Today's Convoluted Classification System
Pathogenesis of Periodontitis

Meetings 2 & 3:  Contemporary Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Evidence Supporting the Role, Indications & Therapeutic Outcomes of Scaling & Root Planing, Periodontal Resective/Regenerative Surgery, and Periodontal Maintenance

Why join the Duncans Spear Small Group Study Club?

By joining a Spear Small Group Study Club, you are dedicating yourself to the development of a higher level of clinical, diagnostic, treatment planning and value creation skills. You will work side-by-side with a small group of restorative dentists Dr. Duncan (Prosthodontist and Full Mouth Rehabilitation), Dr. Harner (Orthodontist), treatment planning eight interdisciplinary case studies throughout the year. By pooling knowledge and resources, the entire group’s skills, competency, and confidence will soar. To view Spear online resources, please visit the Spear Online Digital Library.

The clinical curriculum is based on case studies recorded on DVD’s by prosthodontists: Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Greg Kinzer, Dr. Bob Winter, and other leading clinicians. It’s like having the experts at our study club in person.

Our Curriculum includes:

  • Interactive DVD’s are directed and narrated by noted study club authority, Dr. Steve Ratcliff.
  • Practical learning you can apply immediately to help build your practice.
  • A progression of learning that will have you practicing increasingly higher levels of comprehensive care.
  • A Spear Study Club password protected Web microsite with tutorials, discussion boards, and upload capabilities.
  • A 2-Day Spear Seminar at the Spear’s Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • The opportunity to create bonds of friendship and trust with other dental colleagues.
  • A group of supportive colleagues to whom you can turn for help, tips, suggestions, and discussions.

Small Group Multidisciplinary Study Club

Dr. Russo founded the first Spears Study Club in our community.  The Group has since evolved into an intimate setting in which both specialists and general dentists present complicated and challenging cases for round table discussion and comprehensive treatment planning.