Cutting Edge Technology

Implants Placed with Accuracy & Precision:  i-CAT® CT Scan

From the analysis, through planning and placement, to complete restoration, i-CAT® CT Scan allows Dr. Russo surgical predictability with treatment planning in full 3D with restorative outcomes in mind. i-CAT’s high-resolution, volumetric images provide complete 3D views for a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation.

  • With i-CAT® Dr’s. Russo can collect precise data and measurements such as buccolingual dimensions, concavities, and bone height. In the case of multiple implants, we can calculate perfect positioning.
  • Map an entire course of treatment from surgical placement of the implant and abutment, all the way to final restoration. An extensive library of implant templates affords the best possible selection of suitable implant type, size, location, and angulations prior to surgery.
  • Create Surgical Guides and Precise Outcomes
  • Dr’s. Russo combine i-CAT® implant planning capabilities Anatomage® Computer Guided Surgery Technology to maximize implant precision while providing a minimally invasive technique.

Dental Implants

Dr. Russo is a Specialists in Periodontics and Dental Implants, having completed an additional 3 year Full-Time Specialty Training in Dental Surgery following their Dental School. 

There is much a consumer must know before selecting the right dentist to perform their dental implant surgery. Always remember that you’re not just purchasing an implant, but the training of the surgeon and the expertise to properly place them.

A well-trained implant surgeon will have received their training in a full-time residency program devoted to dental surgery. Despite the fact that there are some very talented non-residency trained dentists that have perfected their technique to place implants, there is no comparison to a residency trained specialist. Non-residency trained dentists to receive very limited education, typically from weekend courses which usually don’t even offer “hands-on” training. Patients must beware. Implant surgery can be a complex procedure which often requires the expertise of a residency trained specialist especially when complications occur. 

Dr. Russo also believe it is essential to only use the highest quality Dental Implants.  Although these implants may cost more, it is worth the investment to use Dental Implants that have long-term research and development and a proven record of success.  We don’t believe you’d want a “discount pacemaker” from a cardiologist, or a “bargain knee or hip prosthesis”, and likewise we don’t believe in “discount dental implants” to be a wise decision for a medical device implanted in your jaw.  Unfortunately, we see more and more of this today with “Dental Implant Centers”, traveling “Implantologists” and inadequately trained dentists placing dental implants.

Gentle Piezoelectric Surgical Alternative

Dr. Russo use gentle Piezoelectric surgical instrumentation for many Periodontal and Implant Surgical Procedures.

Piezoelectric Surgery is much kinder to the soft tissues (gums, blood vessels, nerves and the membranes which line delicate areas, such as the sinuses). There is no drill. Instead of ultrasonic vibration produced by a special surgical instrument is used to achieve unparalleled precision and patient comfort.

Laser Therapy

When utilized appropriately, laser therapy can help reduce the need for periodontal surgery, reshape soft tissues to improve esthetics and hygiene, remove benign growths, and eliminate or relieve harmful tissue attachments that contribute to gingival recession, tooth malpositioning and aberrant oral/speech pathology. The key is to utilize laser therapy when indicated.

Unfortunately, in today's dental profession the use and benefits of dental lasers have been a source of many false claims and advertising driven by corporate commercialism and marketing.  There is often minimal to no actual credible research to back these claims.

Beware of claims to “Cure your Gum Disease with Lasers” and not refer to the properly trained Specialists in Periodontics.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Dr. Russo is a Periodontal and Implant Specialists who have both the technical skill and knowledge to correctly diagnose and treat your periodontal and implant needs.  We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of education and technology, and to provide the best, predictable, and proven treatment available to our patients.

Laser Frenectomy:

Often performed in coordination with Orthodontic Therapy. Strong Frenums may negatively affect Tooth Movement or Gingival Recession.



Lingual Frenectomy “Tongue Tied”:

  • Patient was unable to protrude tongue beyond lips. 
  • Difficulty pronouncing certain words. 
  • -Laser provided instant relief with minimal bleeding or pain.




Our Certified Connectivity Partners support more than 20 implant systems for custom abutment design and fabrication.

Dr’s. Russo Utilize Anatomage Implant Planning Software Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Surgical Treatment

  • Anatomage  Software is consistently recognized as a market leader in 3D diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Their award-winning Invivo5 software and Anatomage guide compose the most technologically advanced solution designed to make your practice more efficient and accurate.
  • High-quality volume rendering delivers the full resolution of the density spectrum.
  • Clearly view bone density, cortical bone boundaries, and the sinus.
  • Quickly identify and evaluate tooth root integrity with our quick slice explorer.
  • Precision Implant Planning:  Accurately place and adjust implant position.
  • Compatible with most implant systems.
  • Powerful patient education simulations.
  • Intuitive CAD/CAM integration for custom abutment and restoration design.